Oldies but Goodies

I’ve been keeping a little black book of our menus over the past year or two.  It’s fun to go back and see what we were eating and what we liked and didn’t like.   And the trends, like Sunday steak-and-potatoes dinner and Friday clean-out-the-fridge salad night.IMG_0870 IMG_0871 IMG_0872

I thought I’d share some of our favorites over the past few weeks and some stand-by’s for the oh my goodness it’s 7pm and I still need to figure out dinner nights.

These recipes we’d put back in the menu planning rotation:

matzoh breichickpeas lemon tahinipasta salmon asparagus

In a pinch?  Try one of these ideas:

  • quesadillas with roast beef, cheese and spinach
  • big green salad with hard boiled eggs, tomatoes, avocados, goat cheese
  • panini (with whatever you can find in the fridge)
  • pasta or rice with mozzarella and parmesan cheese and frozen peas
  • carnitas tacos (buy the pulled pork from WFM hot bar, it’s not much more expensive than buying it whole and cooking it yourself)
  • teriyaki chicken wings (love Soy Vay veri veri teriyaki), frozen broccoli, rice
  • baked potatoes with black beans, shredded cheese, frozen veggies
  • and, if all else fails, there’s always 2 for $20 WFM pizza!

Enjoy!  xo M.

Oldies but Goodies

Lemon and Chocolate

Friday afternoon I got this crazy, totally inspired idea to make lemon cake for a dinner we were having with some old friends on Saturday.   Seemed like a great idea, until I read through the recipe Friday evening and got to the last page which said “refrigerate overnight or for 12 hours before serving.”   Darn, so much for my typical Friday night date with Netflix.  Instead I was making angel food cake, lemon curd, meringue, etc…..    OK, now the moment of truth.  It  Was  So  Good.  Not sure I’d make it again, but totally worth the effort.   Light and fluffy and lemony.  Super yum.


Sometime Saturday afternoon when the cake was all assembled and chilling, I had another crazy, inspired idea to round out all that lemon with some chocolate.  I looked to my cupboard for inspiration, and there it was, on the back of the can of Hershey’s cocoa.  Oh my goodness, these were so good and so easy!  I had everything in my kitchen already.  Would totally, absolutely, without a doubt make these again.  By the way, there are a few leftover if you’re in the neighborhood and want to stop by for one.  They go great with a cup of coffee.  Sort of like a deconstructed mocha.


You could probably guess after all that baking and dinner-ing and soccer game-ing, I did not get very far with menu planning for the week.  Here it is Sunday afternoon and I found some broccoli in the fridge, turkey breast, a jar of roasted red peppers, goat cheese, and bread in the freezer.  Sounds like it’s panini for dinner tonight (yes, it’s a repeat for you regular readers, you  know I love panini because everyone can make their own to suit their tastes).   With steamed broccoli and a big green salad too.

Other ideas for the week:

– Maybe I’ll try to make YakiSoba noodles.  Isabel loves them and has been asking.

– Burritos with barbacoa, lettuce, avocados, salsa, cheese….

– I was thinking about these black bean burgers the other day and remembering how much I liked the flavors.   Serve with big green salad (fresh from the garden now!).

– Pasta or tortellini with tomato sauce – cook Italian sausage (the butcher at Whole Foods will let you buy it in bulk, out of the casing) and add tomatoes and simmer.  Because look what we found on the discount shelf at Safeway yesterday!  Cans and cans of organic tomatoes!  50% off!  SCORE!!!


Have a great week everyone!

xo  M.

Lemon and Chocolate

Leftovers for Lunch

My lunch today:

Polenta I made last night (seriously, one of the cheapest and tastiest foods out there, like grits on Italian flavor steroids), with leftover peperonata (from Sunday’s steak dinner, which was fantastic, and the Bitten Word was right you can put this stuff on anything), and leftover roasted chicken (from Monday night, which was served with the chickpea salad over arugula, which I had for lunch yesterday).

















And, yes, I am going to eat all this garlic just like it is.

















Oh, the poor person next to me eating PB&J…..

Have a great day everyone,

xo M.


Leftovers for Lunch


This is a bit intimidating – my first blog post.  Ha!

I menu plan, out of necessity and because I don’t like going to the grocery store every day.

I eat real foods.  If it grew, walked or swam on the earth, then it’s real food.  It’s that simple.

I enjoy a glass of wine while I’m preparing dinner.  Sometimes I even have a second glass with dinner.  Gasp.

I look forward to sharing my ideas with you, and hearing back from you how you manage the day to day reality of feeding your family!

xo  Melissa