How to make the weekly menu work for you

Things happen between the time I make the menus on Saturday and the time I actually make the meal on a weeknight.  Here’s how I used my menu planning and ingredients for dinners this week:

Pork loin – I cut the pork loin into 1″ cubes, and marinated in this Pernil sauce while I went to Isabel’s school performance.  I didn’t have shallots so I used a small onion instead.  I also didn’t buy limes, so I used a bit of Rose’s lime juice (keep on hand for the occasional vodka gimlet) and omitted the sugar.   Got home, started the BBQ, shish-kabobed the pork, then cut up and shish-kabobed green and yellow squash, brushed with olive oil, s&p, and threw it all on the grill.  Served with rice cooked in the rice cooker. Fantastic!

Pasta with tuna sauce – I had 3 frozen tuna steaks that I bought a few weeks ago on sale (two pounds for $14.99 at Whole Foods!).   I threw them in the oven with s&p for about 10 minutes, while I started the tomato sauce and boiled water for linguine.  Needed a little more salt since I didn’t use canned tuna, but the flavor was great.  Served with broccoli fresh from the garden.

Sandwiches and salad – Midweek I realized we had a lot of deli turkey and ham that was not being used for lunches this week because the kids had weird school hours.  So, we made panini for dinner with smoked turkey, ham, swiss cheese, tomatoes and arugula.  And a big green salad.  Perfect!

Roast chicken – This one I’m making tonight and plan to follow the recipe.  Turns out it’s a rainy cold day and all outside sports are canceled, so the timing worked out in my favor.  Yay!

BBQ chicken – I did try the Cook’s Country BBQ chicken recipe.   (Sorry, I know the link doesn’t give you the full recipe.)  I let the chicken sit in the spice rub, then braise on the grill for 30 minutes, then finish on the grill with BBQ sauce (which I didn’t doctor up like the recipe recommends).  OK, I will admit, sooooo good.  I’ll use that method again.

This weekend I’ll take a full inventory of my pantry, fridge and freezer before planning menus.  The pool opens Saturday so we’re looking forward to hamburgers and potato salad and of course dessert.   And when we’re sick of burgers, doesn’t this sound good?!

xoxo  M.


How to make the weekly menu work for you

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