Our suburban farm

I am going to brag a bit this week and start with something that I have never made before – French macarons.  John’s girlfriend requested that I make “French colorful cookies,” so I gave it a shot.  I read at least a dozen recipes, watched youtube videos and read reviews about what worked and what didn’t work.   Did you know these are made with almond flour? I didn’t even know that.  And, I had never eaten one before.  I am happy to say mine came out looking pretty good!  I filled with chocolate ganache, dulce de leche and raspberry jam (the last was my favorite).  I’ll definitely make them again for a special occasion, like, when someone asks me to.   Would you pay $2 a piece for these?

IMG_1154 IMG_1157

The beginning of summer is my favorite time of year here.  The days are long, the chickens are happy and the garden is exploding.  I am one lucky lady that my husband loves to garden and all-things-green.  He wakes up BEFORE FOUR IN THE MORNING on a workday to water the gardens, and he even planted rose bushes outside our bedroom window.  We have been enjoying lettuce from the garden every day this week.  Fabulous!

IMG_1153 IMG_1146 IMG_1142

What are we eating this week?  I’m still working my way through the pantry and fridge.  Here’s what I came up for this week’s menus:

  • grilled chicken (buy whole chicken cut up plus a package of chicken legs, throw in ziplock with marinade when you get home from grocery store), grilled baby peppers, grilled naan bread.
  • hamburgers (yes, hamburgers again, it is summer after all), watermelon, green salad
  • broccoli with garlic sauce, pork loin with same garlic sauce, brown rice
  • shakshuka (because we have fresh eggs and plenty of canned tomatoes) with pita or rice
  • pizza in the cast iron skillet, with mozzarella and Italian sausage for some, and with spinach and smoked mozzarella for others
  • meatball subs – nothing fancy – bake the meatballs from the freezer, add marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese and serve on a hoagie roll with a big green salad

Enjoy!  xo M.

Our suburban farm

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