Greens, greens, more greens, and a Colombian treat

My week of salad, salad and more salad started with this bounty from our garden – buttercrunch lettuce, chard, red kale, Lancinato kale and arugula:


Here’s what we did with all that good stuff!

  • Kale salad, which is a great recipe, except I didn’t have white balsamic vinegar (so I used white wine vinegar), currants (so I chopped up some raisins) or pine nuts (so I used toasted slivered almonds).
  • Buttercrunch lettuce salad (avocados, Zima tomatoes, vinaigrette), with grilled flat iron steak, rice pilaf.
  • Roasted sweet potatoes (chili powder, cumin, oregano), grilled sausage, arugula salad.
  • Chard with beans (and I added tomatoes), with polenta and parmesan cheese.
  • Mujadara (seriously, this is an old favorite, so good and so cheap), with lemon juice and mint dressing, over whatever-greens-were-left-in-the-fridge.

This weekend we are having a Cuban dinner, with almost everything on this menu.    If only we could get our hands on some Cuban cigars….  Hmmm….

John and I whipped up this Colombian masterpiece for his Spanish class this week.  It’s amazing what you can accomplish from 4:30am-7:00am, especially if it involves baked goods….


He said everyone LOVED it, and wished there was more.  Then, he spent the afternoon out on the river.  What a great day!


Have a great weekend, everyone!   xo M.

Greens, greens, more greens, and a Colombian treat

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