Mid-June Celebrations

Lots of reasons to celebrate this week – Alex’s birthday, Fathers’ Day, last day of school….  Here’s what we put on our table, and some ideas for the upcoming week:

  • Cornell BBQ chicken, corn on the cob, arugula salad with tomatoes.  I tossed all mine together for a big luscious salad.
  • Alex’s birthday was this week and he wanted brisket for dinner.  So he smoked a brisket all day, and we had brisket with cole slaw and BBQ sauce for dinner.  Homemade ice cream (made without the guava, the sour cream gives this ice cream a nice tart flavor) with strawberries for dessert.  Happy Birthday honey!
  • Lentils, rice and caramelized onions (or mujadara).  You can dress it up with yogurt and tahini, but we like to serve ours overs green salad and tomatoes with a simple dressing (equal parts olive oil, lemon juice and fresh mint).
  • Tonight is Fathers’ Day, and Alex asked for salmon.  So, we’ll start with salmon on the grill, and serve it with pineapple avocado salad.
  • Korean grilled chicken, with brown rice, and maybe some grilled broccoli (or maybe I’ll just steam it if there’s not enough room on the grill).
  • We have a night swim meet this week, so I will grill some Italian sausages and serve with salad.  No walking taco or hockey puck hamburger for me, please.
  • Turkey meatballs with simple homemade tomato sauce, Israeli couscous, sautéed greens (still getting some from the garden, yay!).
  • We still have half a bag of masa harina, so pupusas or gorditas will probably find their way on the menu later this week.
  • Leftover lentils?  Try these curried lentils with eggs.  The ingredient list is long, but my friend Laura says she cheats sometimes and uses curry powder and garam masala.  Sounds like a winner to me!

IMG_1464 IMG_1476 (1) IMG_1460 (1)

Enjoy!  xoxo  M.

Mid-June Celebrations

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