Mid-summer catch-up!

A few weeks ago I posted a comment on FB about how I resolved to stop using that 4-letter-word “BUSY,” and the positive change that made on my outlook and my everyday life.  It feels like karma came back to get me though, because the next few weeks were, well, “BUSY.”  A trip to Boston to pack Ana out of her summer dorm room (who doesn’t love to spend a long weekend on the NorthEast I-95 corridor?!), multiple camp pick-ups and drop-offs and doctor/dentist/PT appointments (thank goodness my new government job is very generous with vacation and sick hours), and a handful of trips to the airport for traveling kids (all good stuff, including suitcases full of sweaty camp clothes).  Today I have an empty house and a full to-do list:  pay bills, grocery shop, work out, piano practice, book club book, laundry….  I think I’ll start with the important stuff….  Oh the luxury!!!

Looking back, here are some of the food highlights from our kitchen recently:

One of the fun things about traveling is collecting menus from local hot spots.  We had the best sandwiches here (loved the Fig n’ Pig), the best nachos here, the best lunch stop here, and the best bloody Mary’s and our first chicken and waffles right here in our home town.

What’s up next?   I’ve been taking notes from friends and have some great dinners in mind for the next few days:

Have a great week!  xo M.

Mid-summer catch-up!

One thought on “Mid-summer catch-up!

  1. Judith says:

    Love reading your posts, Melissa. More for your comments on your daily life than the food :). Hard to imagine you in an empty house! And re the book club, if you loved some that you’ve read, please send me the titles.
    Hugs, judith


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