Saturday night meal planning

It’s almost 6pm on a Saturday night and I’m finishing up my weekly menus and grocery list while drinking a glass of wine.  Just one, as I’m heading out to the grocery store when I’m done with the list to actually do the shopping.  Yes, this can be quite a time consuming process, but so worth it to not end up eating *processed* food!

  • Last night was a night like this, when it seems like there’s nothing to eat and then you end up creating a fabulous ramen noodle soup with tons of spinach and grated carrots and eggs.
  • Tonight I’m making myself a big green salad, with baby tomatoes from the garden, palm hearts and hopefully some salmon if the price is right!  Need some salad inspiration?  I’m loving these chopped salads.
  • Tomorrow will be Sunday steak and salad:  grilled skirt steak, with corn tomato and edamame salad over arugula.  Strawberry shortcakes (really, cream scones) because I come home to find notes like this left for me on the kitchen counter (I love it when the kids and their friends read my baking magazines!)

Photo on 8-15-15 at 5.53 PM (1) Photo on 8-15-15 at 5.53 PM #2

  • Monday will be Asian chicken salad with rice noodles (heavy on the carrots and cabbage for extra veggies)
  • Tuesday will be Ana’s last night at home before she starts her SENIOR YEAR IN COLLEGE and she always asks for carnitas or pulled pork, so I’m planning on  pork tacos with corn tortillas, rice and beans, and all the usual fixin’s.
  • Panini sandwiches with turkey, tomatoes, spinach, cheese, etc.

That’s all for now – enjoy your week everyone!  xo M.

Saturday night meal planning

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