Weekend ramblings and weekday food

Things we’re eating this week:  lomein

  • Pork loin (try this method!), wild rice, greens with avocado & tomatoes (the last from our garden, boo hoo)
  • Vegetable lo mein, with chicken, (recipe discovered by Isabel)
  • Tortellini, sausage and kale soup (so many recipes to choose from)
  • Shredded chicken tacos, rice & beans, salsa, lettuce, avos, etc.
  • Meatloaf (with whatever is in the vegetable drawer and topped with hoisin sauce), roasted potatoes & garlic peas
  • Spaghetti & meatballs (easy dinner for kids-home-alone night)

Things on my mind this weekend:  IMG_1848

  • If you hang on to some things long enough, they will be used again.  For example – Disney princess folders (bought for my pre-K girls), now being used by one them for high school.  Or, my Birkenstocks, which were soooooooo NOT COOL ten years ago, are now one of my daughter’s preferred pair of shoes.
  • Technology is not all bad.  My mom wrote love notes on our lunch napkins every day.  These days, I can send my kids a text during the day to let them know I’m thinking of them and love them.  Awesome.  I love it when a TED talk teaches me something… a new way to think about what I look at every day.
  • No wonder it feels like we’re working harder these days and getting further behind.  Remember when adding call waiting for $5/month was a big deal?  Now we have the triple-play option and a cell phone bill that is triple the electric bill, and 3 pairs of shoes for one sport, and so on & so on & so on.
  • Weekend afternoon naps may be are the most luxurious thing ever.

Bye for now….  I’ll be running again soon….  I hope….WP_20150830_011

xo M.

Weekend ramblings and weekday food

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