Football weekend and rotisserie chicken

What do you do when you come home late late late Sunday night after spending a football weekend with your kid who is a senior in college and her closest friends’ parents too?

IMG_1967 IMG_1960 IMG_1951 2

You pick up some rotisserie chicken(s), spinach, tomatoes, avocado, tortillas, cheese and stuff to get the rest of the kids at home through lunch for the next few days.  Then, you make a big green salad one night and snuggle up with your favorite baking show on TV.  The next night you make quesadillas and catch up on mail and emails.  There’s still frozen turkey meatballs in the freezer, with pasta and sauce, and frozen broccoli too for the next night.  There’s always eggs and green beans with rice.   Have I made it to Friday yet?

IMG_1970 IMG_1971 IMG_1972

xo M.

Football weekend and rotisserie chicken

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