Baby Love

I got seriously distracted last week taking care of this delicious baby for an evening.  OH MY GOODNESS if you need a little feel good lovin’ in your life, find a baby and hold on.  I was super lucky to have my cousin in town for a few days to show off her little one.  And, even more super lucky that we got her babysit her for an evening so my cousin could have an adult dinner out.   Love Love Love.

IMG_2090 2 IMG_2092 2 IMG_2097 2

One of the funny things about planning your menus in advance is you might end up with a warm and hearty beef stew on an unseasonably warm 75-degree day in November.  Oh well, just add more green peas and call it spring-ish.  Either way, it was filling and delish!

Also on the menu last week, and coming up this week:

  • turkey and black bean chili, with brown rice
  • roast chicken, with roasted Brussel sprouts and carrots, wild rice
  • pasta con ceci, served with meatballs (I’m finding it helpful to keep frozen meatballs on hand) and greens
  • broccoli soup
  • chicken piccata, spaghetti with olive oil garlic & parmesan, spinach
  • it’s November so I’m going to roast a turkey breast, with potatoes and kale salad
  • rice noodle stir fry
  • arroz con pollo
  • pork carnitas tacos
  • chicken and orzo soup (lemony?  with spinach?)
  • and, for the nights when you don’t feel like cooking, leftover rice with cheese, fried eggs, spinach or kale and tomatoes.  yum!

IMG_2099 2 IMG_2168 2 IMG_2173 2

Finally, as if all that baby loving wasn’t enough to fill me up for the week, we managed to steal some time to spend a day outdoors hiking.  Love Love Love x2.


Have a great week everyone.  xo M.

Baby Love

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