Recovering from injuries

While Alex was recovering from shoulder surgery last weekend (which, by the way, turned out to be a HUGE tear, one of the three worst the surgeon said he has seen in his career, but hey, go big or go home, right?!), the girls and I had some fun drinking bloody Mary’s, shopping for toilet paper and picking up milk (and, hey while we’re here, let’s get some cheese and a baguette, and doesn’t steak and salad sound good for dinner?)….

Then, while I was nursing a back injury, I found I had some extra time to try those macarons again (this time with raspberry buttercream filling) and French breakfast muffins (because if you can’t run or work out in the morning, might as well make a hot breakfast, right?!) and some other treats (do you see the problem here?  time spent not working out should not equate to time spent baking goodies… you would think I forgot “bathing suit season” is just two short months away… oh wait, I forgot, I’d rather enjoy baking and eating than worry about “bathing suit season”…).

This week I have some new recipes worked into the menu:

Have a great week, everyone!   xo M.



Recovering from injuries

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