Easter dinner and Italian pastries


We had a great Easter yesterday.  Slept in, went to Church, took a long walk, played games and had a fantastic dinner with the big kids and their friends.  Mara even found her Easter basket (hidden in my trunk… she bought it with grandma and hid it there…  now that’s what I call raising independent kids haha)!

  • lamb chops – roasted and broiled with a dijon-panko crust
  • roasted baby red potatoes with rosemary
  • French green beans, steamed then sautéed with garlic and topped with toasted almonds
  • green salad with spring radishes and goat cheese
  • rosemary & sweet potato rolls
  • cheesecake (or cheesecake variation), with lemon zest and a graham cracker+gingersnap crust, topped with strawberries and enjoyed with a glass of port

Saturday night we went for a light meal of sautéed white fish with lemon, butter and parsley, and a big bowl of kale salad.  We did ours with avocado, pine nuts and parmesan.   Super yummy and the perfect night-before-a-big-food-day dinner!

Over spring break, Isabel had an Italian project to do.  She had to research Italian foods and cook something from start to finish, all in Italian.  She made these sfogliatelle.  Yes, all from scratch, and with a little help from Alex.  Pretty darn amazing, actually!

Have a great week, everyone!  xo M.

Easter dinner and Italian pastries

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