Bacon and birthdays

It seems like the theme of our dinners recently was bacon, chorizo, and more bacon.  Or, if you don’t have bacon, how about prosciutto?  I will admit, we’ve been eating well.  Some of these recipes came from a source that doesn’t share their secrets online, so I posted pics of the recipes below.

  • shiitake and bok choy lo mein, we added thinly slicked pork loin
  • chicken thighs with potatoes and chorizo (wow, really good!)
  • broiled sirloin steak, Basque-style green beans, couscous (the green beans were fantastic!)
  • brown rice and avocado salad, over greens from the garden (we had TONS of cilantro from the garden so this was perfect!)
  • steak and blue cheese salad, with scalloped potatoes (Sunday night meat and potatoes dinner!)
  • pasta with roasted cauliflower and prosciutto (with kale instead of arugula, lots and lots of baby kale)
  • chicken legs teriyaki, brown rice/quinoa mix, steamed broccoli

We have a sweet 16 birthday to celebrate in the house this week – can you believe it?!  It should be extra fun because the grandparents will be here too to help celebrate.  She gets whatever she wants for dinner, and breakfast, and dessert….  Happy Birthday Mara!

Alex has been working hard in the garden this week (with one arm in a sling).    He traded the kids their indoor chores for one hour of gardening per week.  I love all the green – it’s really my favorite time of year – when things start looking alive again.

Have a great week, everyone!  xo M.




Bacon and birthdays