May was a good month!

I love May – the longer warmer days, the celebration of Mothers, the flowering gardens, the pool opening and the birthday of my firstborn.  This year we had a few added events to celebrate and make the month extra-special!

We kicked off the month with prom –

Then moved into Mothers’ Day and the firstborn’s 22nd birthday (no pics, but it did happen).  We took a trip to Boston for a college graduation –

And returned home just in time for the Blue Angels and a high school graduation –

We cooked for 15 in a rental kitchen and roasted a pig for 50 –

So, what did we eat?  And what are we eating next?  To be honest, it’s all a bit of a blur.  I do know what’s on the menu tonight, because it was created by my youngest to celebrate her 13th birthday today (the emphases are all hers):

  • Steak “RARE” seasoned with Borsari
  • Pasta with ham and bacon and peas “YES HAM AND BACON”
  • Green beans “LIKE MOM MAKES THEM”
  • Chocolate cake with strawberry-raspberry filling and chocolate frosting “THREE LAYERS OF CAKE”

Hope your month was extra-special too!  xo M.

May was a good month!

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