Long summer days

Lots of good food in our house last week and coming up.  I’m taking advantage of the long days and lack of evening sports for now.  How’s your summer going?

Last swim meet of the summer season was yesterday morning.  I have to admit I’m a little sad it’s over, and a little sad to see my older kids aging out of it.  I do love these summer swim meets – the friendly competition and the awesome swim instruction and improvement – the walking tacos, not so much.

Time to get outside and enjoy these long hot days of summer!  xo M.


Long summer days

Middle Eastern feasts

The week started with a work pot luck – a Middle Eastern themed picnic by the golf course.  We had fattoush, smoky baba ganoush, hummus, grilled chicken, fruit salad, rosewater mint lemonade, and a dessert of apricots with yogurt and honey.  Then we went to the driving range and hit some golf balls.  All in all, it was a good day at the office!

Later that week, we enjoyed a neighborhood dinner party inspired by an Ottolenghi menu. We did it all – the lamb, baked rice, tomato pomegranate salad, cucumber salad, baba ganouj, and baked feta with tomatoes and homemade pita for starters.  I wasn’t brave enough to make the celebration cake for dessert, so I opted for saffron rosewater ice cream with cardamom cookies.  It was a good night!

IMG_3606 2

I had a lot of luck grocery shopping this week.  Fresh salmon was on sale all week for $9/pound.  Served it with a medley of fire roasted corn, edamame, tomatoes and avocados. The lamb kofta on the menu last week?  That was on sale too!  Grilled them and served with homemade tzatziki and salad.  Home alone one night – leftover saffron rice with grilled chicken and kale – and House of Cards.  Is anyone still watching House of Cards?  I’m so lost.  There’s hope on the TV watching horizon though – The Great British Baking Show is back!!!

Mind if I share some of my kids travels with you?  John got back from touring Athens and the Greek Islands this week.  What was the best thing you ate, John?  This donut fresh from some lady’s kitchen and a sandwich at the Frankfurt airport.  Okay…..

Meanwhile, Ana is in Colombia visiting family and discovering her roots while celebrating the fact she passed her exam and is now officially a BSN/RN.  Yay!!!

Stay healthy, stay active, stay happy!  xo M.

Middle Eastern feasts