Savannah and other new places

I traveled to Savannah earlier this month with a friend – my first time to this beautiful part of the country.  We had a wonderful few days touring Savannah, boating on the marsh, shell hunting on deserted islands, and generally enjoying the slow pace of life.  We ate real southern grits and shrimp caught the same day and sold for $3/pound.  It was fabulous!

After I got home, I tried to keep up with the shrimp-and-grits theme as long as possible.  We had grits with greens and poached eggs, roasted shrimp over salad, and fish tacos.  Great meals for hot summer days!

What’s on the menu board for this week?

Ana left this week to spend a year in Albuquerque, NM.  For more info on her adventure, please click here.   Feel free to donate to her cause and/or send encouraging notes.  I’m sure she’d love to hear from you.  We’ve never been to that part of the country, so we’re already planning a road trip next summer to visit.  Can’t wait!

I hope you’re enjoying your summer travels!  xo M. FullSizeRender 6



Savannah and other new places

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