Oh, New Mexico!


Last weekend I visited Ana in Albuquerque.  Amazing!  Big blue skies.  Sunny.  Beautiful mix of Native American and Latino cultures and people.  And, the food!  So good!  Everything smothered in green or red (or both) chile sauce.  Green enchiladas at Duran Central pharmacy.  Chorizo and egg burrito or carne adovada at Garcia’s (note to self, must make carne adovada at home soon).  Breakfast burrito and blueberry and brie pancakes at Central Grille.  Afternoon snack of biscochitos and green chile bread, and later a stop for espresso.  A day trip to Santa Fe for dinner at The Shed and a spicy chocolate elixir from Kakawa chocolate.


The one night we stayed in for dinner, we cooked Chile Rellenos (chorizo, queso fresco),  rice with tomatoes, fresh salsa….

Back at home, I’m making posole for dinner tonight.  Sort of a combination of a few different recipes.  Seared the pork butt, soaked and simmered the posole, put it all together with some chile pods and seasonings from NM, and let it cook all day.  Looking forward to dinner tonight!!!

xo M.

Oh, New Mexico!

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