I’ll be honest.  I do not like February.  Dreary gray days.  Cold nights.  A tease of a snow day.  A little too much Netflix and sleep, and not enough sunshine and exercise.  Some days I’m inspired enough to put together a good comfort food dinner, and other days we make do with fried eggs and spinach.

  • Super Bowl  smoked brisket, smoked chicken wings, cole slaw, steamed shrimp, peppers stuffed with goat cheese, green salad
  • green salad blue cheese, avocados, dried cherries, toasted pecans
  • shrimp w peanut sauce, couscous, green salad
  • pork adovada, black beans, corn tortillas,
  • hamburgers, kale sautéed w/tons of garlic
  • chicken roasted with jerk sauce, rice, green beans
  • lentil and cauliflower soup
  • chicken legs/thighs w/bbq sauce, cord pudding, green vegetable
  • bottom round roast in oven
  • yogurt/tahini marinated chicken, couscous, avocado/tomato salad
  • grits, eggs, greens
  • arroz con pollo, steamed broccoli
  • soup w/sausage, beans, carrots/celery/onions/garlic, kale
  • tacos (great deal on avocados at WFM – 5 for $5 plus a $1 coupon)
  • Vietnamese salad w pork, cabbage, peanuts
  • pork stuffed w/goat cheese, spinach and red pepper
  • green salad with peas and corn (from frozen), provolone and pine nuts
  • granola
  • pancake mix
  • m&m cookies
  • coconut, pecan, chocolate cookies


When I’m done planning my next road trip, I will make a list and get the grocery shopping done for the week ahead.  Here’s what I have in mind:

Enjoy and love each other.  xo M.


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